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Living Positive

A language is a dynamic set of sensory symbols of communication. Strictly speaking, language is considered to be an exclusively human mode of communication. Language is no doubt the exceedingly the most powerful tool of communicating. Whether it s oral or written the way one expresses will effect the message - positive or negative. Even when conveying unpleasant news, the impact can be lessened by the use of what we call positive language.

There are much more positive ways to communicate which are more likely to elicit the cooperation rather than getting down for argument. It does not matter with whom we are communicating. Whether it is a customer, a staff member or a family member we can project a helpful, positive image rather them an offensive negative one.

Adopt positive language while talking to colleagues, friends, family members and even to your children. This includes that one should avoid aggressive or inappropriate words which could intimidate a person. Many of us are aware of Naysayer. Naysayer is a person who is pessimistic in attitude - which often criticizes and always has negative attitude of why something will not work. He rarely offers suggestions but very well at picking faults in others ideas.

At the same time naysayer, do not always have negative attitudes. Most of the cases they try to use language, which has negative attitude. It is very easy to fall into negative language pattern - which many of us won’t realize while talking. Positive and encouraging words always help everyone to feel confident and reinforce good behavior. Using positive phrases like “That’s amazing”. “You did it” and much more will give more encouragement to one’s positive attitude. Positive communication with the children is to paying attention and respecting their feelings. One should not forget to watch their tone of voice.

Not only has the verbal communication, facial expression also plays a powerful role in communication. Smiling is a powerful cue that transmits warm feelings and friendliness. Smile creates lively and intimidated feelings. Communication is in numerous ways. The way we talk is the one we observe all the time. Other than the verbal communication, there are numerous messages that show our attitude. The way we walk, talk, stand, sit, write and much more. One should pay attention to the way he is trying to communicate. Non-verbal communication like rhythm, voice, pitch, also plays a major role in communicating. On top of all sufficient knowledge on the subject matter is more important.

There are certain things that one has to say NO. Even the negative phrasing can be done in a polite way by telling the other person - “we regret you to inform that we are unable to process your request….” Which has a negative answer but it is the polite way of rejecting. Certain expressions tell the recipient what can be done and also suggest the alternative choices. Such positive way of communicating is helpful in encouraging and the positive consequences that can be anticipated. Using positive communication in the expression will empower and will help in the development of ones growth. Communication is the key to success. People judge others by their actions. No doubt every one of us has valuable ideas and experts in one or the other area. All of us have unique talents. The most common human nature one is not in a position to accept other’s ideas or intentions. But there is a good of accepting other’s ideas with out agreeing to them. Say for example, “that’s an interesting idea”; “we can have a look at it”. Using these kinds of polite and decent expressions will not hurt others feelings, at the same time one are not accepting to one’s ideas.

It is always better to create a clear image that you have definite idea and you know how to express the idea clearly. When being part of a team or group it is more important to be attentive in the expression. First important thing is to listen to any negative communication from the group. If so, these need to be tackled to change their impact to the positive. If in team, negative thoughts and expression will undermine your ability. Minimizing the negative thoughts and useless gossip will help you in giving a positive expression. It’s better to avoid depreciating your thoughts and try to be part of the group and express your feelings positively.

Your communication will be much effective if you understand others point of view. As we all come from different backgrounds, cultures, families a word will have totally different meaning to different people. Expectations vary. So, it is always advisable to talk and use all positive words, what is going right, and what can be done to get the things on the right track. Make a plan, set the goal and move in a positive direction, which will always help one to be successful in reaching their goal. Speaking honestly and openly will automatically bring positivity that others can identify. Admitting the wrong in you and to say no when you are not sure of something will also make others think positively about you.

One should always remember that negativity always produces negative energy. As Swami Vivekananda said fear is the ….. Positive thinking develops confidence and faith in one’s self. Fear paralyzes ones faith.

Words are powerful and they can make good friends and loose the best things in one’s life. Wise people will always find a way to use their words. Developing the positive communication right form, the childhood makes much difference in ones life.
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