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Homoeopathy - Alternate popular medicine

Homeopathic "remedies" enjoy a unique status in the health marketplace. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), a German physician, began formulating homeopathy's basic principles in the late 1700s.Scientific medicine was developing in Hahnemann's time but homeopathy would not be part of that development. It is based on the principle that "like cures like". The principle of "like cures like" is known as the “Law of Similars” and has been understood in the practice of medicine since ancient times. As homeopathic remedies were actually less dangerous than those of nineteenth-century medical orthodoxy, many medical practitioners began using them. Homeopathy is the second most widely used system of medicine in the world. Its growth in popularity in the United States has been around 25 to 50 percent a year throughout the last decade. Classical homeopathy is generally defined as a system of medical treatment based on the use of minute quantities of remedies that in larger doses produce effects similar to those of the disease being treated. Hahnemann believed that very small doses of a medication could have very powerful healing effects because their potency could be affected by vigorous and methodical shaking (succession).

At the turn of the twentieth century, homeopathy had about 14,000 practitioners and 22 schools in the United States. Homeopathic products are made from minerals, botanical substances, and several other sources. The concept of disease in homeopathy is that disease is a total affection of mind and body, the disturbance of the whole organism. Individual organs are not the cause of illness but disturbance at the inner level is the cause of illness. Homeopathy does not believe in giving different medicines for different afflicted parts of body but rather give one single constitutional remedy which will cover the disturbance of the whole person. It treats the patient as a whole and not just the disease. Medical philosophy is coming more and more to the conclusion that the mere treatment of symptoms and organs can only help temporarily and that it is the healing power of the body as whole that has to be enhanced. Homeopathy is an effective alternate to antibiotics in infectious diseases, producing no toxic side effects and bringing about rapid recovery. To obtain the best results and full benefits of homeopathic science, one should resort to homoeopathy in the early phase of sickness. Homeopathy is not limited to certain diseases but is universally applicable to all kinds of diseases. Homeopathic medicines can e given with allopathic medicines as they do not interfere with the immune system of the animals.

Treatment of incurable ailments by "REAL HOMOEOPATHY"

Real Homoeopathy is meant the unique system of treating the incurable ailments by Homoeopathic system of medicines found by Dr.Samuel Hannemann. Now-a-days most of the doctors practicing Homeopathy don’t appear to be following the principles formulated by the founder of Homeopathy & that are ignorant about the 'ORGANON'. As such, Homeopathy which should the top ranking system has been deprived of its placement & in most of the Universities in USA & UK, HOMEOPATHY is being taught to the Post Graduate Medicos as "Alternative System of Medicine". The following are the Principles of Homoeopathy, formulated by Dr.Samuel Hahnemann:

1. Likes will be treated by Likes: "SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTER" 2. The Pathology is of secondary importance so "treat the patient & not the disease" 3. After selection of the more suitable drug based on the Case History of the ailing person, one dose normally in 200-C potency shall be put under the tongue (after observation for an hour or so if there is aggravation of the symptoms it should be presumed that the drug administered is correct). Second dose should not be repeated till the recurrence of the symptoms.

Most of the Homeopaths are in the habit of telling the patients to avoid onion, garlic, coffee, tea, smoking etc., based on the experience of the Homeopaths of previous generation & not taking the Pharmacopeia in to cognizance & keeping the principle "that any element/substance which causes disease/disturbance in health in its crude form will cure the disease/disturbance in health in its dynamic form/potency. Homeopathic medicine differs from person to person though the ailment may be the same due to change in symptoms from person to person.

This article is contributed by Mr.Vedantam Sitaramaiah, who has been practicing Homoeopathy for the past 20 yrs. He can be contacted by email

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