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Increasing medical tourism industry in India

Medical tourism in India is a developing concept now days. The medical tourism in India is gaining more popularity now days as the assistance provided by the medical tourism of India to abroad patients during their treatment in India.

Medical tourism is the practice of a patient outsourcing healthcare services to an area outside of their home country. Medical travel is becoming more popular, as more people realize its benefits. The main benefits of health tourism include getting the opportunity to travel to an exotic destination and reaping potentially big monetary savings. Many common operations overseas cost a fraction of what they might cost in the United States. Medical tourists today come from all walks of life. In common, they have a desire for affordable, high quality care or surgery that is beyond their financial means or unavailable to them at home. Medical Tourism is an option worth exploring for anyone who is facing significant out-of-pocket expenses for health care. Going abroad for care is also a reasonable choice for patients who want care not available to them locally. Procedures related to fertility, stem cell research and organ transplantation also draw a number of patients from around the world. The schooling, training and board certification processes for physicians and surgeons are comparable from country to country.

In the medical tourism industry, Thailand is still the first Asian destination for international patients, while India is growing rapidly to be there. With prices at a fraction (sometimes only 1/10th!) of those in the US or EU, the concept has broad consumer appeal if people can overcome their prejudices about health care in developing countries. The reality is that Indian private facilities offer advanced technology and high-quality procedures on par with hospitals in developed nations. India is the leading country promoting medical tourism in the world. It is even moving into a new area of "medical outsourcing" where subcontractors aim to provide services to the overburdened medical care systems in western countries. Medical tourism to India is growing by 30% a year and the Indian education system is churning out an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 doctors and nurses each year. India benefits from a large staff of world class experts and the ultra-competitive cost advantage it offers. While a heart surgery costs $30,000 in the US, it costs $8,000 in India. Similarly, a bone marrow transplant costs $26,000 here compared to $250,000 in the US. You can add to this that Indian doctors are among the best in the world. Most non-urgent Western patients usually get a package deal that includes flights, transfers, hotels, treatment and often a post-operative vacation. There are many brokers specialized on the Indian market. Medical tourists are also increasingly coming as well for the renewal of Indian traditional medicine such as yoga, ayurveda and meditation and combine this with the western treatments they receive during their stay. Indian spine surgery hospitals provide good treatment facilities to all patients for their faster and risk-free treatment and the clinical care taken by them is best thus many abroad patients are getting attracted to India for their treatment at low cost. Employers and insurance companies in the US, Canada and the European Union are now starting to look at the potential to "outsource their healthcare" and send millions of patients overseas to international hospitals specializing in Medical Tourism.

According to the National Coalition on Health Care, more than 500,000 Americans traveled abroad to receive medical and dental work in 2006. Every year, millions of patients from around the globe flock to some of the hottest medical tourism destinations in order to receive five-star treatment at unbelievable prices. Experts predict that by 2012, medical tourism will grow to be a $100 billion business with more than 780,000,000 patients traveling abroad to receive care from foreign doctors, dentists, and hospitals.

Look at the following price comparison for different medical procedures.
Nature of Treatment Approximate Cost in India ($) * Cost in other Major Healthcare Destination ($) * Approximate Waiting Periods in U.S.A. / U.K (in months)
Open heart Surgery
4,500/- to 8000/-
18,000 to 25000/-
9 - 12
Cranio-facial Surgery and skull base
4,250/- to 6000/-
13,000 to 18000/-
6 - 9
Neuro-surgery with Hypothermia
> 21,000
12 - 15
Complex spine surgery with implants
4,500/- to 6000/-
> 13,000
9 - 12
Simple Spine surgery
2,000/- to 3000/-
> 6,500
9 - 12
Simple Brain Tumour -Biopsy -Surgery
1,000 - 4,500
> 4,300 > 10,000
6 - 8
Parkinson's -Lesion -DBS
2,100 - 17,000
> 6,500 > 26,000
9 - 12
Hip Replacement
> 13,000
9 - 12
Procedure Charges in India & US (US $):
Cost (US$)
  United States
Bone Marrow Transplant 2, 50,000 69,000
Liver Transplant 3, 00,000 69,000
Heart Surgery 30,000 8,000
Orthopaedic Surgery 20,000 6,000
Cataract Surgery 2,000 1,250
Here's a brief comparison of the cost of the Dental treatment procedures between US and India

Dental procedures
Cost in US ($)*
Cost in India ($)*
  General Dentist Top End Dentist Top End Dentist
Smile designing
Metal Free Bridge
Dental Implants
Porcelain Mental Bridge
Porcelain Mental Crown
Tooth impaction
Root canal Treatment
Tooth whitening
Tooth colored composite filling
Tooth cleaning
* These costs are an average and may not be the actual cost to be incurred.

With some simple points to keep in mind, one should get the best medical help in India.

Whether you have a pressing need due to personal comfort and quality of life, or if you simply want to get it taken care of more quickly, medical tourism can be a great way to more easily and quickly get the attention you need.

One of the most important things to remember is that other countries might not regulate professional licensing and certification as closely as the United States and Europe. While a great majority of the doctors working in these countries will be more than qualified it is always best to check out the credentials of any doctor you wish to work with before ever undergoing any procedure. It is also important to remember that if something does go wrong in many countries outside of the United States you will have very little legal recourse. Another thing to watch out for is traveling too soon after your surgery. Flying immediately after or within a few days of a surgery can cause some very serious complications. You'll also need to be vigilant in making sure you get adequate follow-up care. Many hospitals are in the business of getting patients in and out quickly and post-operative care can be very limited in some cases.

Jerry Mead, from Indiana was explaining his success story with medical tourism in India. "India?? Are you kidding?" That was the common response to my plan to have both my hips replaced in India. By the end of 2007, it was very apparent that I need a bilateral hip replacement to resolve my two-year onset of osteoarthritis. My career in carpentry was over, and all attempts at financing for the surgery in the States were without success. I was quoted a price for hip replacement at $30,000 per hip, and thatís just the surgeonís fee." Dr. J. Reeder, from Houston gave his testimonial, "Your level of customer service has been excellent, almost beyond belief. This has been true for the value you provided in preparation for the surgery, during my stay in India, as well as after my return back to the US. Both my wife and I are very pleased with the hands-on customer service you gave us from start to finish. I am very pleased with the professionalism shown by the surgeon and the hospital staff. Being a dentist, I can judge this better than most people. Most important, the outcome of my surgery is excellent. Unfortunately, it was not possible for my wife to travel with me for my surgery, but you did an excellent job keeping her informed. We would not hesitate to recommend your company.

With rich medical science expertise in our ancient history with Charaka and Dhanvantari, it is no wonder that India will be the best destination for medical treatments soon.

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