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The power of youth into Indian politics

Recently Denver hosted a major fundraising event by Indo-American Eye care Organization, for which some special guests have attended all the way from India. The Deputy Speaker of Andhra Pradesh Assembly Mr.Nadendla Manohar is very special chief guest on this event. A young, energetic, atheletic personality, always with a pleasing smile, he is the representative of the new era of politicians in India. DesiShades was a given some time to talk with him.

DesiShades: Hello Mr.Manohar, Thanks for coming to Denver. What made you to get into politics?
Thank you so much for inviting me to Denver. It is really a great program here today in a great city of Denver. I really liked the city and I will definitely try to visit Denver again. As you all know my father has been into politics for a long time. We have many political leaders coming to our home including leaders like Smt Indira Gandhi, Sanjay Gandhi etc. We are a family that is being into politics. In 1998 when my father contested from Khammam parliamentary constituency, I campaigned for my father in several slum areas. I had seen the poverty that is being prevailing in our country. Khammam was really a backward district that time. Looking into all those backward areas and people living there and their living conditions, I thought of discussing with my father about the conditions and wanted to bring some changes and lend my hand in bringing up the conditions. We were fortunate that my father won the elections and the MP funds we received were a little high. So my father thought of putting this money in getting the water facility for the villages. We visited every village and started digging the wells near a school or a public place. Based on all these experiences, I realized that politics is a media for doing good deeds and help the country. Also if an individual want to help the country or bring some changes in the country in a large scale, Politics is the best media. In 2003 I joined Congress party, with the encouragement from Dr.YS Raja Sekhar Reddy and PCC President Mr.D Srinivas. I helped computerizing all the details of the 294 candidates from the congress party and made an analysis. This made a lot of difference in winning the party. I got many opportunities in politics after all the above incidents.

After winning in 2009 elections and the then Chief Minister Dr. YSR made me stand up for deputy speaker. Normally no one can get this opportunity as a deputy speaker, at a younger age, but itís really a wonderful challenge and really miss Dr. Rajasekhar Reddy garu.

DesiShades: Late Rajiv Gandhi paved the way for the youth coming into politics and Rahul Gandhi is continuing this. What do you think of the role for the youth in politics?
Yes, Rajiv Gandhi is the inspiration for the present youth to get into politics. People like me were really inspired by him and his ideas. Those were the dayís people were in an impression that only 60+ yrs only can get into politics. But Rajiv Gandhiís entry into Politics has cleared the illusion and most of the youth were inspired by his intentions and ideas. It became so clear that politics can also be chosen as a career. I prefer giving opportunities to the youth during my tenure. When Politics is chosen as a career we can seriously work for the people and the country. One should have definite goal and ambition to serve the country. Every party in India is encouraging the youth now. One should make use of this opportunity. I look forward to more and more youth to choose political career. Especially when I go to Universities and address the students, I tell them, apart form searching jobs and getting into jobs, you can also choose politics as a career and can serve the country. Encouraging Rahul Gandhi as a leader will introduce more youth into the politics and also to think positively about politics and Politicians.

DesiShades: How do you see the difference in politics and people mindset about politicians from olden days, when your father was active in politics?
India has the best form of Democracy. I donít think it is seen in any other part of the world. People are really thinking about the politicians, I can clearly say that they are studying the minds and intentions of the politicians and electing the ruler. Public always observes the changes in the government and the leaders and will elect the leaders. We have an impression that in the old days we were lacking all these ideas and intentions, but itís not true. Public always vote wisely and try to bring the changes by electing a good leader. The only difference from the past to the present is public realized that government is always helpful to them and also they were instrumental in making the services of the government. Previously the funds were not in a large scale. Now the amount of funds has increased and as a member of parliament or as a leader we also have the right to use them and utilize the funds accordingly. People are the ultimate judges and supreme. As leaders if we try to get more funds and try to use them properly we can definitely help the country. We are really growing in a healthy environment in India. Please do not under estimate the voters. Even in the recent elections I could see the difference. They really voted with full heart thinking that they want some change and they are bringing the change.

DesiShades: What are the trends in recent elections in 3 states?
Recent election trend in Bihar and other states proved that they voted genuinely. They swiped away all the bureaucrats. All the gangsters were rejected. Booth capturing and all other brutal activities were cut down and they voted to elect the genuine leaders. Those days were gone and please donít be under the impression that people are still the same following the old way of electing the leaders. This is a democratic country and it is very clear that we do not bar a candidate from elections for no reason. If he is proven for his misdeed, the people will certainly eliminate them with their powerful vote.

DesiShades: What are your main goals in coming into politics? What revolutionary changes would you bring?
Two main things we are forgetting these days. We are the servants for the public. We are elected from a constituency. We have to be dedicated to the constituency and should work for its development. At the same time, as a legislator, we have to learn how to legislate. You have to be a good legislator, work hard in the legislative assembly. By talking about our own constituency and our district we will be really helpful to work for that area. One has to talk not only about his own constituency, but also about the state, interest of the state, interest of your district. We have the administration, and all he officials, and we have to make use of them and make them work. One should not be selfish about his own district. If one can come out of it and reach to the extent of working for the entire state by working with the leaders and pressurizing the government in implementing and bringing the changes is very much indicated.

DesiShades: What are the facilities for returning NRIs to India from the government side? Any special facilities or incentives?
I spoke to Mr. D.Sridhar Babu, who is a NRI affairs minister of the state. We are planning to come up with a good website with all the different programs and schemes of the state government. I am thinking of good facilitation service from the government side, that itself will be a great facility. We have several subsidies in different parts of the state. Today information is not reaching the people, and we will take care of this problem. We will publish all the information to make this website a single window facility. For IT industry, we have several incentives such as subsidized land for office, free registration, tax free income for 5yrs, subsidized water and power etc. For other industries such as Biotechnology, Agricultural farm services, Food processing, Health services, Alternative energy sector, there will be chances of more subsidies. We request the people to come up with a definite proposal, and the government will surely help with whatever is possible.

DesiShades: Thank you much Mr.Manohar, we appreciate your time to spend with us. Next time you come here, please make it a point to visit Rocky Mountains for skiing.
Yes, I will visit. Thanks for inviting me to Denver. I hope you will do many good programs.

Other Guests
* Notable Violinist from a musical family BV Raghavendra Rao
* Exceptionally Talented Carnatic Mrigangist Patri Satish Kumar
* Eminent Carnatic musician and playback singer Dr. Nithyasree Mahadevan
* 2010 National Spelling Champion Anamika Veeramani
* Telugu Music Director and Singer Nihal
* Telugu Playback Singer Sudhamayi
* Ace South Indian Playback Singer Unni Menon
* Interview with Tollywood Hero Raja
* Deputy Speaker of AP Assembly Mr.Nadendla Manohar
* Founder President of North America Telugu Society Mr.Ravi Madala
* Famous Bharatanatyam Dancer Smt.Alarmel Valli
* Kuchipudi Dance Teacher Pasumarthy Venkateswara Sarma from India
* Dr.Sudhakar Reddy & Mrs.Vanita Reddy from Detroit
* Mr.Viswa Mohan Ammula, Singer from Kansas City
* Mrs.Jayanthi Savithri - Harikatha artist from Tirupathi, India
* Rama-Sethu should be preserved as a National Monument - Dr.Subramanyan Swamy
* There are some commanalities among world religions - Dr.Yashwant Pathak
* Swami Nirbhayananda from Ramakrishna Mission, Karnataka
* Bharatanatyam Guru Padmasri Adyar K. Lakshman
* Bollywood Singer Udit Narayan
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