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Rama-Sethu should be preserved as a National Monument
- Dr.Subramanyan Swamy, President - Janata Party

Indiaís Janatha Party President, distinguished politician, former Union Minister for Law and Justice Dr.Subramaniyan Swamy visited Denver for one day on 13th November 2008. He spent the day very busy with some conferences at Metropolitan State College of Denver, Denver University, and took sime time to address some issues around the historical Rama-Sethu bridge between India and Srilanka. Dr.Swamy accompanied by Prof.Kishore Kulkarni was warmly welcomed by the community leader Mr.Sudhir Verma. After about 15minutes of Q&A session from the attendees, Prof.Kulkarni has introduced Dr.Swamy to the audiences.

The Burning Issues of Rama-Sethu by Dr.Subramanyan Swamy - Part1
The Burning Issues of Rama-Sethu by Dr.Subramanyan Swamy - Part2
The Burning Issues of Rama-Sethu by Dr.Subramanyan Swamy - Part3

Dr.Swamy discussed the burning issue of Rama-Sethu. Here is the briefing of his speech.

"First of all I thank Prof.Kulkarni. I have taken many issues over years in my political career. In 1977, I took an issue to Morarji Desai, not to put all the eggs in Russian basket and we should be non-aligned between Russia and China. Mr.Desai was then prime minister, and he was very strong against China. I was successful to get the India-China border open to visit Kailash-Manas Sarovar. There is no church or mosque to break, in order to establish this route. Same is the case with Rama-Sethu. The reason for this project being pushed is because of the demeaning Hindu religion. The Rameswaram Island of India ends in Dhanushkoti into the south. There is a causeway from there for 48 km all the way to Sri Lanka. The structure of the bridge is exactly as described in Valmiki Ramayan, layered with clay, coral rock and clay. The rocks are made out of coral and fish bones etc, so they float in the water. They can not grow in the middle of the ocean, but only on the coastal side. It means somebody brought the corals to this place, to build the causeway".

"Everybody in India recognized it as Rama Sethu, but British renamed as Adam's Bridge. NASA has taken satellite photographs of the bridge. The Government has decided to cut a channel in this bridge, so the ships can cross. The probelm with Gulf of Mannar is that the water is too shallow. The bottom of the ocean needs to be dredged, in order to make a way for the ships. It can be upto 11meters, but still the ships weighing less than 30,000 tons can only go. Today we have only 5% of the ships in the world, that are less than 30000 tons. Today 95% ships from Africa have to go around Srilanka. My proposal is to change the plan of cutting Rama Sethu, but to go by the other route. The Government has all sorts of arguments that this is not constructed by Rama etc. I filed a petition in the Supreme court that the decision to make a channel through Rama Sethu is arbitrary. We have a criminal law in India that any object held sacred by a sizable group people should not be destroyed. The court asked the government to find an alternative route, without breaking Rama Sethu. All I want to see is to declare Rama Sethu as a national monument, so it can be protected."

Then there was some brief Q&A about Rama Sethu with the audiences, for which Dr.Swamy has answered very patiently. Complete audio recording has been given here in links. Click on the links in the bottom, to hear it its entirety.

DesiShades.com has got an opportunity to chat with Dr.Swamy for a brief time. It was very night for him, and with so much of jetlag, we could chat for a very limited time during his return in the drive back. Here are the excertps of the discussion.

DesiShades : Hello Dr.Subramaniyan. Thank you very much for your time. How was long is your tour in USA?
Dr. Swamy :
It is a short trip. I am in this country for a week and I came here to finish the pending issues form my summer trip.

DesiShades : You have PhD in Economics and you were teaching in Indian as well as USA. Can you please explain us the teaching methods and are there. What are the differences in teaching methods in these two countries?
Dr. Swamy :
Definitely. There is lot much difference the teaching methods in India and USA. In India the questions and answers are set and they are just graded accordingly. No stimulation no real pressure. The teachers themselves don't update wit the latest information. Here is USA there is lot of research work and the work is done in a daily basis.

DesiShades : How were you motivated into politics after your PhD in Economics from Harvard?
Dr. Swamy :
I have no other choice. I came out of IIT Delhi and everybody felt I was a danger to them and they all persuaded Mrs Indira Gandhi and after that I started liking the politics.

DesiShades : You played a major role in ensuring the collapse of the State of emergency. How did you help the state in ending with emergency?
Dr. Swamy :
I stirred up to the situation and acted accordingly. I arrived in New Delhi and an undetected arrest warrant pending against me, I entered the Parliament. That was time I was a wanted person. I was called "the hero of the emergency".

DesiShades : You were a pioneer in advocating for India the development of nuclear technology. Can you please describe the relation between the scientific growth and industrial modernization?
Dr. Swamy :
Yes, I did. If there is a need for any industry there is a demand for the industry. I triggered the effects and cascaded the effect.

DesiShades : You were one of the founding fathers of the janata patry and President of Janata Party since 1990. Can you please explain us the changes in the political scenario since then till date?
Dr. Swamy :
Yes, I was now the presidant of Janta Party. There is total change in the politics. Previously there were regional politics. but now they turned to be national politics. There are men of stature. But now we see all kinds of pigmies. Thinking is like we can make easy money from politics. People are influenced. Once they get into the election booth they plan to vote to who is going to win. But not to the person who is really wanted to the present situation.

DesiShades :You were determined to catalyze the movement to usher the Hindu renaissance and travelled in many cities in USA. How do you think NRI's can help in this?
Dr. Swamy :
Definitely, NRI's can help in this. They can have a regular newsletter about the fact, issues, and related topics and circulate them and can have discussion groups. They can make an agenda on how to proceed and how to motivate the NRI's. Invite delegates and ask them to talk on the related topics which will be an inspiration.

DesiShades : Do you think we can get a single party majority government in India?
Dr. Swamy :
No, we don't get anytime soon. We will be having two or three party coalition government. The only way we may get a single party into power, is the the one which honestly and for a period of time, propagates the concept of Hindutva. Unfortunately BJP betrayed that, so people will not believe BJP. Thatís why for Rama-Sethu, BJP was kept out, because the project was cleared by BJP.

DesiShades : You have predicted that the Indian sensex goes below 9000. What will be its future of India and the World?
Dr. Swamy :
India and China both will undergo a major financial crisis. India will come out of it, and for China it will take some time. Thus India will overtake China. By 2015, India will be a super power. India's future will be much brighter. Crisis is good for India. When we have food crisis, we had green revolution. When we had economic crisis, we had economic reforms. Similarly this will lead to some good for India.

Other Guests
* Notable Violinist from a musical family BV Raghavendra Rao
* Exceptionally Talented Carnatic Mrigangist Patri Satish Kumar
* Eminent Carnatic musician and playback singer Dr. Nithyasree Mahadevan
* 2010 National Spelling Champion Anamika Veeramani
* Telugu Music Director and Singer Nihal
* Telugu Playback Singer Sudhamayi
* Ace South Indian Playback Singer Unni Menon
* Interview with Tollywood Hero Raja
* Deputy Speaker of AP Assembly Mr.Nadendla Manohar
* Founder President of North America Telugu Society Mr.Ravi Madala
* Famous Bharatanatyam Dancer Smt.Alarmel Valli
* Kuchipudi Dance Teacher Pasumarthy Venkateswara Sarma from India
* Dr.Sudhakar Reddy & Mrs.Vanita Reddy from Detroit
* Mr.Viswa Mohan Ammula, Singer from Kansas City
* Mrs.Jayanthi Savithri - Harikatha artist from Tirupathi, India
* Rama-Sethu should be preserved as a National Monument - Dr.Subramanyan Swamy
* There are some commanalities among world religions - Dr.Yashwant Pathak
* Swami Nirbhayananda from Ramakrishna Mission, Karnataka
* Bharatanatyam Guru Padmasri Adyar K. Lakshman
* Bollywood Singer Udit Narayan
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