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One should realize their inner power and be positive all through the life
- Swami Nirbhayananda

Recently the famous spiritual guru, religious speaker Swami Nirbhayananda visited Denver, during his trip to Orlando to speak at World Association of Vedic Sciences. Swami Nirbhayananda Saraswathi hails from Karnataka in India. He is the president of Ramakishna Vivekananda Ashrams in Bijapur and Gadag. Swamiji runs a school for rural destitute children in Managoli, Bijapur District. This School has secured 2nd place in national Yoga Competition held in Jabbalpur and has 100% results in SSLC. He is a guest speaker under Indira Gandhi National Open University to talk on FM radio about the Indian Education System. DesiShades has got an opportunity to talk to Swamiji. Here are the excerpts from the interview.

DesiShades : Namaste Swamiji! We are so delighted to attend your Satsang at Hindu Temple and in Highlands Ranch. Can you please tell us about your schools in Gadak and Bijapur and their mission?

Swamiji :
School in Bijapur was started in 1998. My guru Swami Purushottamanand ji has a magnificent reputation, and played a tremendous role in bringing up Swami Vivekananda teachings. He is from National College, Bangalore. I was a student there. National College is close to Ramakrishna Mission, so we all had a tendency towards Ramakrishna Mission. I happened to be there and contacted Swami Purushottamanand ji through whom a lot of Vivekananda teaching were accessible to me.

In 1986, during Ramakrishna Math's Centenary and Sri Ramakrishnaís 150th birthday celebrations, a call was given to the youth of Karnataka to spread Vivekananda message allover Karnataka and take up the social service activities on behalf of Math. I responded to this message and started a Seva Kendra in a near by village called Marugudi near Bijapur and started a school. In 2002, one MLA volunteered to start a Ramakrishna Mission in Gadak, and asked me to take up the responsibility. With my guruís permission, I became the in-charge of the Ashram in Gadak.

DesiShades : You were invited by the United Nations in 2007, and by some other organization this year. What are the purposes of your visits to USA?

Swamiji :
The United Peace Foundation (UPF), an organizational wing of United Nations, has invited me last year to offer Hindu prayers for the 9/11 victims. This year, there is a conference on Vedas by World Association of Vedic Studies in Orlando. They organize international Vedic conferences once in two years. The next conference is in next year at Caribbean Islands. At Orlando, I spoke on the traces of modern science in ancient Vedic literature.

DesiShades : Terrorism is more effecting all over the world, and especially India. What do you think is the root cause and how can we stop it?

Swamiji :
There are 2 faces of this problem. From which section is the motivation is coming from and what section is bringing this. Who all are affected and why are they affected? What should be done to stop this and for what purpose are they doing all these activities?

The whole world knows the people who cause this terrorism are from the young misguided Islamic groups. When asked a question about this they answered that they wanted to Islamize whole India. Islamizing India is not achieved through terrorism. If terrorism is the means of their achievement, itís not a good idea. There are many civilized methods. Looking into the past, for Indian Independence, we have never taken the terrorism way. It was all through a peaceful manner. Martin Luther king who strived hard for the African American freedom has never opted terrorism. There are many instances where well meaning leaders have applied civilized ways to attain freedom. Terrorism really needs condemnation. This is the normal human tendency, I personally feel that the Islamic leaders are sitting quietly by looking all these. What is the philosophy that is backing terrorism? For over a decade, innocent people are being killed brutally. Is that their intention? This is not something that we continue to neglect. Why the elders belonging to their community are not giving proper guidance to their young generations? They must feel more responsible and try to get changes in their young generations.

Indian government somehow appears to be not that active that it has to be. It is the responsibility of the government to take the necessary action. If the government is not taking action, the community that is being affected by the terrorism must take action. Indians should develop the martial methods and realize that peaceful efforts are no longer effective. They should take up weapons and must try to get change in the community. Development and insecurity can not go together.

DesiShades : You are a great disciple of Swami Vivekananda, who gave a message to the youth 100 years ago. What is your message to the youth today?

Swamiji :
When great people give a message, it really has meaning and eternal power. There is no time limitation to the message, so as the message with Swami Vivekananda. The message he has given is that there is divinity in every human being. Those who manifest the divinity will get the power. Divinity and power go hand in hand. There is divinity is every human being. With divinity, power will come to you, your intellectual dimensions will blossom, your inner energy will be awakened which will get more sharpness, more efficiency; you will be more responsible, become more self less ness and develop a concern for your fellow beings. You basic aim should be that you should manifest your divinity at every step of your life. This is how Vivekananda enlightened the human personality. With a particular pattern of life, you can awake the divinity in you. All patterns of life cannot awake divinity. Indians have developed the technique of divinity which we call Indian culture or Yoga or tradition the life we come across. One must consciously follow this life, in order to achieve this. Don't accept defeat. Everything will come to you with this divinity. The whole mankind needs de-hypnotization from the defeat and selfish ness. One has imposed a certain image that we are so and so. The artificial image which is not real power in you needs the real de-hypnotization and you can then achieve the divinity. Tapasya is not the only way to do this but we can achieve this while leading a day to day life. Hinduism is clear about the message. Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached.

DesiShades : Recently in Orissa, a Swamiji was murdered, followed by several riots and agitations. There are some videos that show the people in camps are scared of the Hindu organizations such as VHP, Bajrangdal etc. What do you think about the truth in this?

Swamiji :
Look into the history of Hindus. Have they ever been so violent and have they ever killed any one? The visual media in India is biased. The English news papers are also biased. Hindus by nature are very accommodative, hospitable and they are being provoked by evangelical groups. Hinduism always preaches you have divinity in you, unlike the other religion that says you are a sinner. People like Thoreau, Walt Whitman, Max Muller, and Emerson have praised Hinduism and Vedanta in a glowing terminology.

The Indian government has been trying to uplift the socially backward people, by providing all sorts of facilities. They are never neglected. Whereas some Christian missionaries are approaching the innocent and uneducated people in India to promote their religion, they approach these people to say that you are neglected. Swami Laxamananda wanted to bring the people back to the Hindu religion, who left Hinduism not knowing the beauty of the Hinduism. This might have led to his murder.

DesiShades : You have a website under the name HumanGlory.org. What do you want to spread by this website

Swamiji :
Human glory is almost the quintessence of Swami Vivekananda teachings, which is the modern version of teachings of Upanishads. Upanishads is a science in itself the subject of science being the awareness of bringing the inner richness in man. Every human being has got the internal and external dimension. The inner dimension is unknown, but is very powerful and very glorious. The unknown aspect should come out and dominate the external dimension. Always stay to think you are not confined to the known dimension, but this is just a tip of the iceberg. By constant consciousness that you also have an inner dimension, you can feel your divine power. Always think in positive direction. Donít take the failures. We are going to be successful, and we will be of infinite dimension. Take an example of Abraham Lincoln, who was never successful till he become President of United States at a later part of his life. But we all accept Lincoln is a successful man. He must have got so many failures, but never accepted them. We have a number of people who accept failures, even before they fail, or during the process of achieving something. You are the creator of your destiny.

DesiShades : There are a lot of Maths and Ashrams in India. How is Ramakrishna Math different from other Ashrams or Maths?

Swamiji :
The other Maths are traditional, which are dated back to thousands of years ago like Shringeri or Kanchi Sankara Maths. They are expected to be doing Tapasya, and attain moksha, in which they were very successful. The social dimension was not accorded to them.

After the emergence of Ramakrishna and Vivekananda, Hindu society has so much weakened with invasions, and by the ruthless treatment of the outsiders. It has to be re-energized. He thought the monks of the Hindu Society can take the task of re-vitalize the Hindu Society. All the followers of Vivekananda who took Sanyasa, are supposed to live in the society, and the people around are uplifted by them. He said, the welfare of the people is also equally important, alongwith the self moksha. Life itself can be made into a finest form of Tapasya, provided there is selflessness, energy, efficiency, conscious pursuit of sublimity in life.

DesiShades: Thanks so much for the great interview. We look forward to more such spiritual teachings from you in future.

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