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Renowned Attorney, Author Dr.Kishan Khanna

Dr Kishan K Khanna is an Attorney practicing in US and in India. He has a vast experience as a civil servent in India, in the judicial system in US. He is an author of some famous books on "Judicial system such as Judicial Systems of the Thrid World: The Case of India", "The LCM & HCF of Democracy: Paradigm of Hamburger and Vadapaav", which are some of the best sellers. Recently he took an initiative to conduct workshops on Obama's Economics, explaining how Obama theory of investing in infrastructure projects helps the American economy to come back quicky into its shape both in short term and long term. DesiShades spent some time to know about him and his theory to bring it to its readers.

DesiShades : When did you come to USA? What made you settle here in this country?
Dr. Khanna :
I came in 1970, for my PhD in public administration. I was here for 5 yrs I went back to India and was visiting USA now and then. My kids came in 1990. After that, I had a problem –children being here and I thought I should be with my kids regarding their studies and all and I liked this place. So 1999 I am here. I did a government job in India and Judge at Supreme Court in India.

DesiShades : Can you please explain about your practice in both USA and India?
Dr. Khanna :
I manage my dates in both the countries basing on the importance of the work and also spending time in writing books, spreading the word about democracy and by teaching the democracy not by sword but by personal examples-- All men born equal. The governments are established to protect the rights of the people not to rule over people. When any government becomes oppressive or neglects its, main duty to ensure the continuation of the rights of the people then that government must be abolished. People have the right and a duty to abolish the government when their non-alienable rights were not served. The non-alienable rights are freedom of expression, freedom of move. This is the country, which has the maximum support. According to me, the India and USA are the natural allies.

DesiShades : From your words, it seemed like you have some good knowledge about Hindu religion. How did you gain interest in learning all these?
Dr. Khanna :
I have very good background in Philosophy, partly because my mother was a devout Hindu. Not a phonetic Vaishanava but she used to visit all kinds of temples and Groupware. My upbringing was close to Islam, Christianity and Jewish communities. Therefore, I believe Hindu philosophy is better then any other philosophy, which can tolerate everything and anything.

DesiShades : Where did you study in India and what was your major in Bachelors?
Dr. Khanna :
I studied in India Bombay. My engineering was in 1959 from VJTI, which was a premium institute. After that, I joined class one service in India, and started my consulting career in Engineering and management and started teaching Bajaj institute in Bombay and many others. I have taught in Northern Illinois state university, Kansas state University, Penn State University. Now I am advocate in Supreme Court at Delhi and Bombay and attorney here taking the immigration cases.

DesiShades : Can we know something about your kids and family?
Dr. Khanna :
I have two kids. Namita is a dancer and her two daughters are dancers. My wife is also a singer and Dancer. My son is an advocate in Chicago.

DesiShades : Thank you Dr.Khanna to spend some time with us today!
Dr. Khanna :
Thank you!!

Read the Dr.Khanna's paper on Immediate Recovery of Depressed Economy - An explanation about Barak Obama's Economic Package.
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