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8th May 2011
Grand Opening of Sri Venkateswara Temple of Colorado (SVTC)
The Grand opening ceremony of SVTC was celebrated with much pomp and glory amidst the backdrop of majestic Rocky Mountains for 3 days - 6th, 7th and 8th of May 2011.

Friday, 6th May 2011:
The celebrations started in the current rented temple facility with "Suprabatha Seva" (awakening) of the Lord Venkateswara. The idols were carried on shoulders of the devotees to be transported to the New Temple 5 miles away. The vehicles of devotees carrying the idols were received with traditional welcome including Nadhaswarm and Thavil (trumpet and drums) playing at the entrance to the New temple premises. The New temple was prepped with huge tents to house Lord Venkateswara and his consorts. The "Maha Yagnam" (chanting of mantras according to Vedic rituals) was started inside the huge tent in front the main entrance to the temple building.

The arrival of the Lord started with the "praveasam" (arrival) of the acharyas idols into the premises as a mark of first respect followed by the Lord. The "Vaasthu" pooja and homam was performed for purity and divine grace of the Lord to bless the new premises.

The evening was the a major celebration of "Gravapraveasam" (house warming) of the temple with the Lord entering the main Temple building in procession with numerous volunteers chanting "Govinda" and dancing with joy. Emotions were high with devotees shedding tears of joy. The ceremony was well attended by all including officials, notably the Commissioner of district II Douglas County , Mr Steven A. Boand , who inaugurated the building with the symbolic ribbon-cutting ceremony. The day concluded with delicious Dinner prasadham prepared by volunteers.

Saturday, 7th May 2011:
The day started with Suprabatham ( awakening) of the Lord. The highlight of the morning was to initiate fire as per traditional process known as "Aranimadhanam".

The Idols were brought in procession from the main temple into the Tent for the continuation of the Maha Yagnam. The major events that took place during the day are:
- Sudharshana Homam
- Invitation of the deities
- Rituals to prevent any of the unintentional deficiencies and defects that went into creating the idols (known as Moorthi Homam)
- Mahalakshmi Homam and Aradhana ; This was a special event of all the women devotees.

The temple was again overflowing with devotees who were astonished to see the beautiful temple standing tall and proud. Endless stream of visitors were visiting the temple throughout the day to offer their prayers and obtain the blessing of the Lord. Sumptuous food, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner were provided to devotees throughout the day. Additional highlight of the day includes traditional classical dance and singing performance by children of all ages.

Sunday,, 8th May 2011:
The day started with Suprabatham ( awakening) of the Lord. The Maha Yagnam continued to completion in a grand manner. The Lord and consorts were taken in procession to the main temple in a "pradhakshana" (by the procession that went full circle around the temple). The lord was showered with holy water from kalasas (the holy water in 1008 small containers). The Lord was then adorned and bathed in Turmeric, form of purification of the idols and to invoke the divine presence. The Alankara (adorning of the lord with silk clothes and jewelry) of the lord was complete with the sparkling armor.

While the Alankaram was in progress, Srimathi Savithri from TTD (Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam) performed what is known as "Hari Katha" of Sri.Venkateswara Vaibhavam. This is the traditional narration of story the components of which include speech, songs highlighted with live musical accompaniments.

The highlight of the day was the celebration of the Srinivasa Kalyanam (Wedding).

Again, endless stream of people thronged the temple to worship Lord Venkateswara throughout the day. The number of people who visited the temple very clearly indicates what this community has been missing for so long - a sense of belonging, a divine place of worship, a common place for the community to congregate and pray for peace and harmony. The day was also marked by cultural programs rendered by well respected artists of Carnatic Music (ancient Indian Classical form of singing) at the lower level of the temple. The Vedic program was conducted by several priests, who are exponents in this field from various cities in USA and India. The priests were honored as per the vedic traditions prior to the conclusion. The day ended with Aarathi (offering of light) to the Lord and Prasadam to the devotees.

In conclusion, the three days of celebration was a grand success due to the divine grace of Lorad Venkateswara and the support of the so many devotees and volunteers. It is the desire of the SVTC to bring in the true traditional culture of Tirupati to our temple in the rocky mountains of Colorado. The last three days of successful celebration showcases this intention with the able help of the accomplished priests who conducted the events.

This event is remarkable in the history of Colorado and the new temple will serve as a place of worship for generation to come.

30th Apr 2011
Dhim-TANA Telugu Music and Dance competitions by TANA & TV9
Telugu Association of North America (TANA) in association with TV-9, the leading news television channel in India, has conducted a dance and singing competitions Dhim-TANA in Colorado on 30th April at Ranch View Middle School in Highlands Ranch. There has been a great synergy over this event for the past several weeks, and finally the energy has evolved on the stage, entertaining the audiences at all levels. This event was conducted in various age groups in classical, non-classical categories. The program started at 1pm till 8pm, with over 40 individual and group performances, some of them repeated at the audiences requests. The highlights of the day were the group performances by CU-Boulder students, Sarvani's group from Colorado Springs, Chakri's group from Colorado Springs, kids from Sai Meghna Dance School, solo performances by Laya Dance Group students, and by the students of Sai Meghna School. Apart from these performances, there were several mesmerizing performances by kids and adults in both singing and dances, which received high applause from the audiences. There was a fund raising food sale at the event for Sri Venkateswara Temple of Colorado. The organizers have taken greater pain to keep the audiences involved for the day-long event in a successful manner. TV-9 group has taken the video shoot of the event, which will be telecasted soon on the air.

30th Apr 2011
North South Foundation - Denver Chapter Regional contests
North South Foundation - Denver chapter has organized the educational contests Spelling Bee, Math Bee, Vocabulary Bee, Science Bee and Geography Bee for the kids 1st grade thru 8th grade in various levels on 30th April at Denver University. There were about 85 contestants in all contestants in all the contests participated in the contests that started in the morning 9am and went on till 3:30pm. The kids Pranjal Hendre, Shriya Gunturu, Shreyas Sriram got the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in Junior Spelling, Dhivya Senthil, Shritha Gunturu got 1st and 2nd ranks in Senior Spelling, Rahul Thomas, Pranav Cheela and Joel Joseph got the 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranks in Math level 1, Keshav Nambiar, Pranit Nanda, Varun Roy got the top 3 ranks in Math Bee level 2 and Nithyasri Eswaran got the first rank in Junior Science Bee contests.

29th Apr 2011
Carnatic Music Maestro TM Krishna concert by CFAA
Colorado Fine Arts Association (CFAA) has organized a legendary Carnatic music celebrity Shri TM Krishna's concert in DL Parson's theater in Colorado on Friday 29th April 2011. The concert went over 2.5 hours, where the singing legend was supported by Mr.Arun Prakash on Mridangam, and Mr.Sriram Kumar on Violin. The concert started with a Varnam in Navaragamalika. TMK's expertise in aalapana has feasted the audience ears especially with his command over the ragas Vasanta, Kuringi etc, with excellent support on violin. The understanding between the singer and the accompanists, especially Sriram Kumar on the violin, was magical. The trio's improvisations and occasional departure from the well established "kutcheri" traditions were obviously enjoyable - the audience gave them rapturous applause. The president of CFAA Mr.Ajay felicitated the artists at the end..

26th Apr 2011
Press Release : Announcing the Grand opening of Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple in Denver, CO, USA
A first of its kind major Hindu temple, housing Lord Venkateswara and his abodes nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado will be open for Seva (worship) with a three day grand opening celebrations starting on May 6th, 2011. Situated in picturesque Castle Rock, Douglas County, Colorado, this temple is reminiscent of Thirumala with its majestic mountain views. Congratulations to the community for building this institution - Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple of Colorado (

Situated at an elevation of 6210 feet above sea level, this Sri Venkateswara temple has the unique distinction of being the only temple built at this altitude in the entire world. With its beautiful steps as entrance, leading to a wide traditional temple door, the temple is a very unique structure amongst ranches in a rural setting, yet minutes away from the I-25 towards south of Denver. The temple is built on an 8 acre lot with much room for expansion in the future. The area is well laid out and is complete with ample parking for the devotees. This new 11,500 square-foot building was built in record time of 9 months after ground breaking ceremony. The temple is believed to be one-of-a-kind in the entire Rocky Mountain region, built in the ancient tradition of Agama and Vasthu Sastras (ancient Hindu architectural principles and science).

The new temple will be open for worship with the "Utsava Moorthis". Members so far have been worshiping the Lord at a rented facility since 2008. Very soon Sthapathis (Artisans) from India will be working on the temple, adding the "Gopuram" and "Dwaja Sthambam". The "Garbha Gudi"(sanctum sanctorum) will be completed before the "Moolvar" (residing deity) sets his foot in the temple.

This unique institution will provide a central place for Hindus to worship in a traditional setting. In addition, this temple will provide an opportunity to learn about Hinduism and values of ancient Indian culture. This facility will benefit future generations to learn Hindu culture and traditions which leads them to be responsible and ethical citizens in promoting world peace and brotherhood.

From an idea to completion, this project was accomplished in record time of less than 3 years. This was made possible by able leadership in combination with committed group of devotees and volunteers. This temple today stands tall and proud and reflects the fine qualities of sincerity, commitment and passion of all involved devotees and volunteers.

Temple Inauguration Program: Muhoortam (auspicious inauguration time) : Friday, May 6, 2011, 7:19 - 8:21 pm For detailed event information and schedule, please visit temple web site

23rd Apr 2011
Sri Khara Nama Ugadi celebrations by Colorado Telugu Associations
Colorado Telugu Association has celebrated Ugadi on 23rd April at Place Bridge Academy auditorium from 3pm till 10:30pm in a grand way. The traditional event celebration was attended by more than 400 people from all around Colorado. The event started at 3pm with a social hour, and the cultural programs were started at around 4:30pm welcoming the audiences by the team. Several kids have shown their talents with their dance for most traditional, folk and cine music and entertained the audience. The highlight of the day was the fashion show by several ladies made up in the 1960s, 1970s style. After the dinner break from 7pm to 8pm, the program resumed with Telugu Cine Music by local talents. Several hit tracks from old and new Telugu movies sung by the artists with a greater melody entertained the audience. It was good to see the traditional festival celebrated by the association to keep the generations in touch with our culture.

17th Apr 2011
Sports day at Yugadi Utsav by Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh
Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh's Aurora and Highlands Ranch chapters has celebrated the Hindu new year on Sunday 17th April, at Yugadi Utsav by spending the day at sports at Jewell Elementary School in Aurora. Several people from different parts of the city have attended this sports day actively, and took part in different sports activities. Everyone remembered their childhood days while playing some of the traditional Indian sports, which also gave a chance for the new generation kids to know. There were several guests at the event from our community, Ms.Barbara Cleveland from City of Aurora, Ms.Rachel Outman, Laison for Asian Outreach from Senator Mark Udall's office, Mrs.Priya Hariharan, noted musician, Mr.Sudhir Varma, Colorado's community leader, Santhi Shresta, Nepal community leader, Mr.Santosh Prabhu from HSS-California and Mr.Sridhar Talanki, President of HSS-Colorado. While addressing the crowd, Barbara told that she is available to help the South Asian people living in Metro for any strategic issues, during which time Sridhar requested to grant a Cricket ground in the City of Aurora for the community, keeping the recent Cricket World Cup in view. Mr.Santosh describes about the significance of Yugadi, while Mrs.Priya engaged the crowd with various thoughtful questions.

16th Apr 2011
Sri Rama Navami celebrations at Sri Venkateswara Temple of Colorado
Sri Venkateswara Temple of Colorado has celebrated Sri Rama Navami on Saturday 16th April 2011 very traditionally, by performing Sita Rama Kalyanam. The event started with Suprabhata Seva at 9:30am followed by Seetha Rama Abhishekam. The main ceremony of Seetha Rama Kalyanam was performed afternoon, and prasadam was distributed afterwards. In the evening, the temple celebrated Shirdi Saibaba Rama Navami by performing the Sai Baba Abhishekam and Pallaki seva. Several devotees participated these great events of the season with utmost devotion.

16th Apr 2011
Sri Rama Navami celebrations at Shri Shirdi Saibaba Temple of Rockies
Sri Rama Navami was celebrated with a greater fan fare by Shri Shirdi Saibaba Temple of Rockies on Saturday 16th April at the South Middle School auditorium in Aurora, CO. This is one of the major event celebrated as per Shirdi traditions by the Temple in a grand scale. More than 400 people have attended this event. The event started at around 4:30pm on the day, with Ganesh puja, Sankalpam, Abhishekam, Ashtrotra puja followed by Maha Aarti. Several local artists in Classical music and dance have performed on this occassion with melodius bhajans, and the scintillating classical dance items, and got the blessings of the Lord. A skit based on Baba's stories by kids received a great applause.

3rd Apr 2011
Cool Colorful Holi & Spring Festival by IANC - Ft Collins
India Association of Northern Colorado (IANC), celebrated 'Holi & Spring Fest -2011' on Sunday, April 3rd at Foothills Unitarian Church in Fort Collins. Holi is celebrated by using non-toxic powdered colors, by applying to each other and the future youth and kids were explained the importance of this festival of colors.

More than 120 members, actively participated with their families. Also, IANC celebrated spring festival by inviting community members to set-up food stalls, games stalls, Art/Mehendi stalls. Every member enjoyed the delicious, mouth watering food, played various games like arm-wrestling, shoot the balloon, Bingo and other games. Many people were fascinated by looking at temporary tattoos/mehendi tattoos and got themselves several designs on their hands respectively. Watch photos from this event at

All the proceeds from this event raised by IANC, is donated to 'Shristi Special Academy' of Bangalore, India, who take care of the mentally challenged and autistic kids.

1st Apr 2011
Colorado State Geography Bee runner-up Pranit Nanda
Denver's 11-year old Pranit Nanda got the 2nd place in Colorado State Geography Bee held by National Geography Society on Friday the 1st April, 2011. Pranit is in 5th grade at Aurora Quest K-8.

The first place was secured by 13-year-old Isabella Contolini, for the second time in a row. She is the seventh-grader at Dunstan Middle School in Lakewood won Friday by correctly answering that Basra is the principal port in Iraq.

After a series of grueling rounds where contestants had to interpret maps and answer questions about both the United States and the world, Contolini found herself in the head-to-head elimination round against Pranit. The two went back and forth until the final question: "Basra, which is connected to the northwestern end of the Persian Gulf by the Shatt al-Arab, is the principal port in what country?" Contolini knew the answer: "Iraq." Nanda couldn’t come up with it.

Fourteen-year-old Felipe Prado of Cimarron Middle School in Parker finished third during the Colorado bee at the University of Denver.

Isabella now heads to Washington, where she will compete with other state and territorial winters for a chance at a $25,000 scholarship.

The annual event is run by the National Geographic Society, one of the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations. The society was founded in 1888 to "increase and diffuse geographic knowledge." It reaches more than 400 million people worldwide each month through its official journal — National Geographic — and other magazines, its television channel, documentaries, films books and more. The nationwide Geography Bee competition is sponsored by Google and by Plum Creek, the largest private landowner in the country with some 6.8 million acres of timberland in timber-producing regions of the U.S.

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