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Vaastu Vidwan, Jyotishya Mani Smt.Viswanadha Lakshmi

The monthly astro forecast are provided by Vaastu Vidwan, Jyotish Mani Smt.Viswanadha Lakshmi of Vijayawada, India. She has been co-practicing Astrology under the able guidence of Prof.Viswanadha Somasankara Sastry, a renowned astrologist for over 50years. Smt.Lakshmi has a Masters degree in Astrology from Telugu University, Hyderabad, in addition to her rich experience.
We wish to bring her expertise available to our readers, and provide an opportunity to consult with her.

Astrological Predictions for June 2016

The employed are given option to move to another division with a change in location. It may appear sinister to you but since the change is inevitable you must accept it. You have a progressive career and with hard and sincere work you will prove your merit to authorities. Business people will come across opportunities to increase their turnover by adopting certain new measures in marketing strategy.
There will be opportunities to travel quite frequently including overseas. This is a favorable time for you to start a new job or to launch a new business enterprise. In fact you have all the necessary ingredients as if these were waiting to be utilized for forthcoming enterprise. Those desirous of working overseas will receive a favorable offer. A creative urge will receive recognition and will also turn to be quite lucrative.
A change in official policy or new interpretation will prove beneficial to you and you may think of going in for expansion or a partnership to help you out for a short period. It will be a lucrative contract but speed will be of essence. If you have business contacts with some foreign countries you may receive some interesting inquiries to which you will have to respond quickly and take advantage of all the modern means of instant communication.
Disagreements are likely to flare up over some trivial matters with your co-workers. Avoid controversial matters and concentrate on your work where some advance work will only end in a positive benefit. It matters very much to the seniors as to what you are doing rather than what others are talking. A subtle change in your attitude to life may play an important part in how you handle matters now on. In love you receive favorable response.
The employed will have to adjust to new work pattern introduced by a senior manager that recently joined their organization. You can look forward to a more challenging role when a complete reorganization happens within the office staff. Professionals will do well in their field of specialization and may be called upon to attend and address a seminar to be held in another town or city. A new friendship with a person of the opposite sex is likely.
The employed keen for a change of job are likely to receive an offer from an organization of repute. If the job offer is to your liking you must accept even if the designation is one level lower than the position you hold now. Business people will do very well after they successfully implement an innovative business model to improve profitability. If seeking election to some important office you may face stiff competition but emerge winner.
At work you may find it difficult to get along with your co-workers. It is no use going to the seniors who may have their own problems. Use your capacity to adjust yourself to such conditions. Concentrate on your work and try to be nice to all with whom you have to deal. Your relationship with a large organization can improve and you can hope to make headway so that you reach a higher position. Some of you will shift residence.
Your hard and sincere work pays off as you get a deserved promotion. It will mean more responsibility but also opportunity to work independently and with complete freedom. A long-standing financial dispute is settled releasing a large amount locked up for a considerably long period. This is the time now to take firm steps to realize your cherished goals in business or profession. A social get-together this month will prove enjoyable.
Your work gets appreciated when you surpass your target assigned to you. With sincere effort and hard work you put in now will continue to show excellent results that marks you for promotion for higher office. Business people must seize the opportunity that comes in the form of a favorable offer for investment in real estate. Those keen to shift residence will do so in the forthcoming month when interiors get completed.
A favorable change in your circumstances will put an end to the frustrating period you went through recently. This will bring in some positive changes starting with some interesting offers out of which you will have to select one, which suits your capabilities and provides opportunity for growth. Do not read meanings into the attention you get from a colleague of the opposite sex. If there are any feelings the person will overtly express.
If routine work is going through various hurdles do not struggle to set it right. Give it a break and rethink new strategy and after a while you will find a method to resolve your problems effortlessly. Financial benefits accrue through fresh projects and you need to concentrate on taking advantage of new technology that will help streamline your work for efficiency. Love life gets interesting with the advent of a newcomer in your neighborhood.
Matters related to education, training or travel come under favorable aspects bringing successful conclusion. If you wish to set up a small enterprise you will now have the required funds and resources to do so. It is advisable to work independently for partnerships will not last long. In fact those already working in joint ventures will be heading for a split. The married or those in love will find their sweetheart distant and aloof.
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